Stormzone – “Zero To Rage”

“Zero To Rage”
(Steamhammer / SPV)

With such NWOBHM legends as Jess Cox and Neal Kay chucking their hats in with this Irish band, not to mention having Sweet Savage’s drummer ‘Basher’ Bates, Stormzone are unsurprisingly already a cult act in the ‘true’ metal division having played Headbangers Open Air and Wacken! Fronted by vocalist ‘Harv’ Harbinson, who’s done his time in Fastway and the aforementioned Sweet Savage, and backed by what sounds like a hardy crew of Irish rock veterans, Stormzone sound true their name, playing epic metal effortlessly blending meat with melodies on powerful tracks like ‘Last Man Fighting’, ‘Cuchulainn’s Story’ and ‘This Is Our Victory’. I’m not surprised they’ve been snapped up by SPV cos they sound like they’ve been at it for years (and they have!) and it’s no understatement when Neal Kay says they are the band ‘…I have been waiting for 30 plus years!!!..’ – and people, he means since Maiden!!!

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