The Storyteller – “Sacred Fire”


The Storyteller – “Sacred Fire” (Black Lodge)

A legendary band if there was ever one, Sweden’s The Storyteller are almost as mystical as their name suggests. Formed in the mid 90s, the band released no less than 4 albums that were hits as far afield as Japan and within their homeland, they not only played at Sweden Rock, but also toured with the likes of Helloween, Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian and Stratovarius – to name but a few! In 2006 the band was put on hold by founder vocalist Lars-Göran Persson owing to family commitments amongst the band members, so many wondered if the majesty of this power metal band who also skillfully mixed medieval folk into their epic material would ever return. Then in 2011, a chance reunion at a sold out show in their hometown of Gävle convinced the group it was time once again for The Storyteller to return! With a comeback album in “Dark Legacy” released in 2013 that allowed the band to regain much ground, “Sacred Fire”continues the band’s quest into epic glory. Driven by twin Priest like guitars also unleashing unbelievably passionate medieval melodies superbly complementing the band’s fantasy lyrics – in this case sourced heavily from Greek mythology – the backbone of galloping power metal rhythms forms a rich blend of Riot, Maiden and Hammerfall completed by Persson’s own heroic soulful vocals. With deep heartfelt choirs adding even more stirring atmosphere to the band’s chivalrous sound on made for battle songs like ‘Sons Of The North’, ‘As I Die’ and ‘One Last Stand’ the composing is nothing short of superb, taking the band right back to its glory days on a job well done by this stirring album that really brings the true fire back!

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