STRÄNGEN “Rock på Svenska”

”Rock På Svenska”
(Wild Kingdom)

Battle Helm Rating

I did not know Strängen, or Robert Dahlqvist as his family knew him as, as a person. All I knew him from was his music. But it was still a chock to learn of his death, accidental from drowning in the bath tub as a result of an epilepsy attack. Apparently, he was in the midst of finishing an album when this happened. With the support of his family the musicians involved in the project got the go to finish the recording and here is the result. As the title says (a paraphrase of Jan Johansson’s epic jazz album “Jazz på Svenska”), this is rock in Swedish. Musically this follows in the foot step of stuff like Imperial State Electric and those kinda Swedish retro rock bands. If you are familiar with the tradition of rock in Swedish you might have thought that this was gonna be something else. Even I thought that this might turn into some Pugh Rogefeldt homage, but it turned out to be something much cooler. This album stands strong beside all the contemporary Swedish rock bands that sing in Swedish. So sad that it will be the last ever album from Robert but it is a fitting epitaph. Anders Ekdahl

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