“Age Of Reason”
(Dangerous Dogs Records)
This reminds me of the feelings I had when I got into the whole NWOBHM scene in the 80s. When I discovered bands like Def Leppard, Tokyo Blade and Tygers Of Pan Tang. Bands that wasn’t anything like Saxon or Iron Maiden but still tough enough to wash away the muzak the radio spewed forth. Strangeways too reminds of why I still love old Whitesnake and even why Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin hold some interest to me. This is pretty classic hardrock that seem timeless if it was recorded in 1981 or if it is brand spanking 2011 new. This is music you listen to if you don’t care for trends but only care for good music. Whether you like old British hardrock or American AOR/hardrock or if you simply like your music hardrock. There’s nothing keeping you from checking out this album. Anders Ekdahl

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