“Shut Up”
(Burning Minds Music Group)

Battle Helm Rating

Italian sleaze rock might seem like an oxymoron but it is not. STRAY BULLETS are proof of that. I am not the greatest friend of sleaze but like with anything; if it is good I will like it. It is just that I got bad memories of Poison from the 80s that kinda overshadows everything good. But if I look really deep in my mind I find that there are stuff that I do like about this type of (hard)rock. I do like Hanoi Rocks. I also like newer things like Crash Diet and Hardcore Superstar, even though that transcends so many different genres. But the most obvious they remind me of is Mötley Crüe. STRAY BULLETS are in part a blast back to the 80s. They got the attitude and the melodies. This is sing-a-long party music. When you listen to it you just wanna dance and drink like there is no worries in the world. And that is as good as it gets. Anders Ekdahl

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