STREAMS OF BLOOD ”Ultimate Destination MMXVII”

”Ultimate Destination MMXVII”
(Blasphemy Halls)

Battle Helm Rating

I gotta say that I missed this album the first round. Yet the band name seems awfully familiar to me. But that’s the way my brain works. It picks up on all kinda stuff and then it can’t make sense of it, sorting out what I actually have heard and what I’ve only read/seen. Which might very well be the case with this band. Musically this is death metal. Or is it black metal? To be honest I am not quite certain what to call this. I think I’ll go for the black tag after all. It has more of that feel to it than the death tag, even though there are traces of it. Style wise I would like to place this is the Dark Funeral with a symphonic/epic touch category. Or perhaps early Gorgoroth. It is in that sort of black metal niche you find STREAMS OF BLOOD. The (almost) full on assault that leaves you breathless. The kind that makes you sweat blood from your ears. Anders Ekdahl

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