STREAMS OF BLOOD “Ultimate Destination”

“Ultimate Destination”
I gotta say that when it comes to the stuff that Folter releases I’m a bit dubious to the quality of it. But then again taste is something personal and what the label guys might like might not be what I like. But in all fairness I’ll give this one a shot. STREAMS OF BLOOD is black metal in the full on, go for the throat, take no prisoners kind of school. The way Dark Funeral and Marduk plays it. Or if you like the way Horna and Darkened Nocturne Slaughtercult plays it. This is black metal that is all about aggression and hatred. Nothing fancy or beautiful. Just darkness and despair. if you don’t do it well it will end up sounding like you are flogging a dead horse. STREAMS OF BLOOD have a good thing going on for them. This is one piece of nasty black metal attack. Anders Ekdahl

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