Strength Approach – “With Or Without You”

Strength Approach – “With Or Without You” (GSR Music)

Get ready for Roma – core! These Italians have been going solidly for the last 15 years even touring as far as Australia, Japan and even closer to home in the US, playing old school hardcore along the likes of Agnostic Front, Madball and the Cro-Mags. Of all these bands, the mighty AF are the closest comparison, especially during their “One Voice” era given Alex Blasi’s vocals are a dead-ringer for Roger (Miret’s) during that time i.e. highly raw in the throat! But it’s more than that, given the Stigmatized riffs and arrangements on fast, aggressive songs like ‘Stand Your Ground’, ‘In Your Face’ and ‘Waste Of Life’. I can imagine Rome being as crazy a city as NYC what with its own traffic problems and the Vatican right on your doorstep, so Strength Approach are giving the finger right back with a big ‘vaffanculo’ on “With Or Without You” LOL!!

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