Striker – “City Of Gold”


Striker – “City Of Gold” (Napalm Records)

Hailing from the Oil Capital of Canada – Edmonton – Striker are aptly named reflecting the energy and power of their state capital but also the high octane heavy metal they themselves play! Taking inspiration from the greats like Maiden as well as their own national heros like Annihilator, Striker play it hard n fast along with heaps of quality melody to create an HM fest that leaves a rush like hitting the black gold itself. From Dan Cleary’s high powered but soulful vocals to the twin Priest guitars of Tim Brown and Chris Segger that wildly shred but with equal confidence play off one another in delivering passionate melodies, catchy licks and Jeff Waters approved fireball solos, Striker play it like they say it – and not in the least from the steam hammer pounding rhythm of Adam Brown’s drums and William Wallace (no relation – ed) bass. Man, these lads must have been built on those frozen drilling rigs cos they’re more hungry than a polar bear just outta hibernation – I can’t believe heavy metal could sound this good in 2014! Despite the simple titles of songs like ‘All I Want’ or ‘Rise Up’ and a penchant for ‘…drinking beer and breaking shit…’, do not underestimate the passion of their music, which definitely has a get up and go spirit no better exemplified in the lyrics to ‘Underground’ like ‘…believe in yourself.. we’re all in the crowd…we’ll win the fight – believe in the underground!!..’! After three European tours, two trips across Canada – including direct support slots for Metallica – and a nomination for “Best Metal Band” at the 2011 Indie Awards, Strikers’ sophomore release turned heads enough to be produced by multi platinum producer Michael Wagener, and with “City Of Gold” these Canuk roughnecks are definitely going for bust in creating the biggest boom since the Klondike Rush!

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