STRIKER “Play To Win”

“Play To Win”
(Record Breaking Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Just the fact that the cover to this new STRIKER album made me think of Tank bodes well for what is to come from this new STRIKER album. I have always been a tad skeptical towards them for being too Spinal Tap/Bad News like but that is just me. Musically I have had little to complain about previously and I see no reason why it should be different this time around. I missed out on the first three albums, but I have been there ever since the 2016 album. Which is not a very long time for a band that seem to nowadays release an album every year. This is like I expected much more of the STRIKER heavy metal I have come to expect. Strong and powerful heavy metal with some power metal tendencies. This is the fist in the air stuff that is so cool to experience live. To see an audience throwing their fists in the air synchronized is a thing of wonder. This is that kind of metal album. Anders Ekdahl

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