Strÿkenine – “Strÿkenine I”

Strÿkenine – “Strÿkenine I” (Pride & Joy Music)
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Formed 6 years ago in the suburbs of Stockholm and influenced by Europe, Whitesnake, Def Leppard and Mötley Crüe, Strÿkenine’s talent was already noticeable when they got to play festivals and open for bigger bands like Hardcore Superstar, Santa Cruz, Shiraz Lane and Art Nation – even without ever releasing a record. However, in 2018, they issued their EP ”Nowhere To Run”, although this seems to have only been as a prelude to touring Europe for the very first time! Now comes their awaited debut and given that Strÿkenine have made it no secret about how much work they put into finding their sound, I’m pleased to say that the 11 tracks here showcase the best elements of classic melodic rock, modern pop and metal thanks to the excellent music on show here. Riffing in for the glory of stadium rock on ‘Fool For Love’, the deep melodies grab your heart immediately as Jacob Petäjämaa’s overwhelming vocal passion leads up to the magnificent singalong chorus that could melt a thousand hearts before the rock out solo lays you out to the sound of crooning harmonies. With the keyboards provided by original band member Patrik Törnblom and his successor Passi Oksman, you can be equally confident that this area is well covered too and indeed, as their fantastic mix of church organ and futuristic sound glory graces ‘Falling Down’, only the riff majesty from Andi Sarandopoulos can compete with the red-hot street heat to which Petäjämaa adds his ice cool soul, again to amazing effect. Equally confident handling ballads, ‘All I Need’ definitely makes it into the tear-jerking scale thanks to the moving keyboards, sensitive guitar and Petäjämaa’s tender voice in leading up to the emotionally loaded chorus sent off the edge by Sarandopoulos’ wailing guitar – it’s an awesome experience confirming that Strÿkenine are the new sensations of Swedish melodic rock!
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