Stuck Mojo – “Here Come The Infidels”


Stuck Mojo “Here Come The Infidels” (Stuck Mojo Music)

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Atlanta’s sons have returned – waaaaaaaay before rap metal became the mainstay and the likes of Rage Against The Machine, Korn and Limp Bizkit popular household names, Stuck Mojo were kicking down barriers and bigotry as early as the late 80s! Combining the aggro rap vocals of a black dude in Bonz and the rip roaring southern groove riffs of good ol’ boy Rich Ward into an energized stomping beat, Stuck Mojo‘s charged and often politicized live shows saw them blaze a reputation in the US but even more so in Europe. Signing then to Century Media, they were soon voted best live band by MTV Europe and went on to record a Billboard album in “Rising”. However, the relationship between Bonz and Ward fluctuated, and following the release of their live “HYV1” album, the band disbanded in 1999. Ward soon involved himself in Fozzy with WWF / WCW / ECW champion Chris ‘Y2J’ Jericho, but reformed Stuck Mojo in 2005, only to have Bonz depart, this time permanently. In stepped in rapper Lord Nelson, who would take the band through several albums before being replaced himself by Robby J, who makes his debut here on this seventh studio album. Well, the good news is that for longtime fans like me is that it’s still in the grooves! Despite being the sole OG, Ward still has the mojo in his deep, yankin’ n crankin’ riffs, which brings back the unmistakable sound whether its on all out moshers to aggro rap stompers or groove rockers – all with that Southern touch thanks to the femme soul harmonies like on ‘Verbal Combat’. Robby J, as distinct from Bonz vocally in sounding like a white dude, nevertheless does a respectable job on the raps of ‘Charles Bronson’ as well as showing his versatility appropriately with hardcore on ‘The Business Of Hate’, soul on ‘Fire Me’ and the aggro style of ‘I Am Legion’. Still capable of providing some of the most diverse, yet stomping and irresistible fusions in metal (and probably musical) history, the Southern fried licks of Stuck Mojo are still very much alive and definitely kicking out the jams!

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