STYXIAN INDUSTRIES “Zero.Void.Nullified {Of Apathy And Armageddon}”

“Zero.Void.Nullified {Of Apathy And Armageddon}”

Battle Helm Rating

Industrial metal can be the best thing since sliced bread when done correct. But that is true for all kind of music. If you do it wrong it will sound like shit. But who decides what’s shit or not? Not the bands. No band intentionally release a shitty album. That would be commercial suicide. To me industrial metal works best when you incorporate influences from things like EBM or techno and then mix it up with a cool death metal sound. This Dutch band are more metal than I thought they’d be. I had expected some really cool beats but this is very death metal in its shape. And as that a very competent one. Perhaps a bit Vondur in sound. Anders Ekdahl

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