SUBJECT MATTER “Smash The Mould”

“Smash The Mould”
At time a band comes along that you have no idea what to think off. Subject Matter is one of those bands. There’s a punky edge to their music that makes me think of 90s OC punk/hardcore (you know who I think of) as well as of a more bluesy hardrock band. Can’t get my head around this all the way. That I find myself nodding my head to the beat of this just adds to the overall confusion. This is not the kind of stuff that frequents my stereo on any kind of regular basis but I can’t help liking this. There is a charm to it that I don’t usually find in this kind of stuff. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it pop punk but there is that kinda vibes too in this. If I’d partied then this would be the kind of music I’d party to. Anders Ekdahl

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