Battle Helm Rating

I promised to review this album a long time ago but it somehow slipped my mind. For that I apologize. But as the saying goes: better late than never. So here comes my review of SUFFER YOURSELF’s album “Ectoplasm”. As I did not know what to think of this album I somehow imagined it to be another death metal album but the truth is that this is much more funeral doom than it is anything else. And with songs that clock in at 16 and 19 minutes there is no doubt that this is going to be slow, and perhaps tortuous. There are not many styles of metal that I am not a sucker for but there are some that triggers me more than others. And done really well funeral doom, with all its slithering, appeals to a very special side of my metal heart. There is a feeling of all not being doom’n’gloom about this album that sets it apart. There is a sort of melodic (as melodic as it gets in funeral doom) string to it that ensnares you and keeps you within the music’s sphere. A really cool album that I should have checked out earlier. Anders Ekdahl

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