Suffocation – “Pinnacle Of Bedlam”

Suffocation – “Pinnacle Of Bedlam” (Nuclear Blast)

I’d say this is a pretty apt title for this seventh album from these New Yorkers given they were inducted into the Long Island Hall of Fame alongside Billy Joel, Joan Jett and Twisted Sister! Going on 25 years, Suffocation have been dishing out their brand of technical death metal and there is scarcely any sign of a let up on “Pinnacle Of Bedlam” given just how fuckin fast it is. Songs like ‘Sullen Days’, ‘Cycles Of Suffering’ and ‘Rapture Of Revocation’ are scything examples of frictionless blurring death amidst guttural vocals, tornado riffing graced by technical lead breaks and backed by furious unrelenting double bass drumming. Suffocation are masters at what they do and given the unpretentious consistency of their material make them one of the genre’s mainstays.

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