Suidakra – “Eternal Defiance”

Suidakra – “Eternal Defiance” (AFM Records)

Since their inception in the mid 90s, these German metallers have shifted from melodic death to folk metal and now increasingly towards Celtic Metal with a greater use of bagpipes, tin whistles, as well as identifiable folk melodies. “Eternal Defiance” takes this even further by occasionally employing dual female vocals but most of all, bringing a bombastic Sabaton feel to songs like ‘Beneath The Red Eagle’, ‘Rage For Revenge’ and ‘Defiant Dreams’ featuring driving Celtic guitar melodies, power riffing and melo death vox courtesy of main man founder Arkadius Antonik. Given the transitions the band have made in the past, it comes as no surprise that Suidakra proffer new things here too: from the orchestral film score opener of ‘Storming The Walls’ to the beautiful acoustic ballad of ‘Damnatio Memoriae’ – both of which work incidentally, to stuff that’s less convincing like ‘Mrs McGrath’ which is an attempt at pure Irish folk. Still, with the likes of the Dropkick Murphys mixing it (and making it – Ed) who’s to say Suidakra can’t do the same…?

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