Battle Helm Rating

This summer has been one hell of a summer. It has been the hottest on in the history of temperatures being measured in Sweden. We could have done with a really good storm. But that was then. Now it is winter and we all long for the summer to come. I have no idea if SUMMER STORM will satisfy that need for heat and sun we all want right now in this grey and gloomy January weather. I have no idea who Patrice Vigier is. I am no guitar player and apparently he is a guitar maker. But that doesn’t really matter as I am here to judge the music of SUMMER STORM and not to buy a guitar. In an attempt to create a French classic rock band Vigier put in motion SUMMER STORM. To be honest I have no, or very little clue as to what makes anything classic rock. All I know is if I like what I hear or not. And this I like. There is a progressive touch to it while still being melodically accessible. This is not an ego extension. This is a proper rock band playing really cool songs. If this is classic rock, then I am closer to getting the concept. This one rocks. Anders Ekdahl

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