SUMMIT ”Echoes Of Aberration”

”Echoes Of Aberration”

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Darwin, Australia doesn’t sound like the most exciting place to come from. More like a sleepy small town in the middle of nowhere. But when you look it up it doesn’t look too shabby a place to live. But then most of Florida doesn’t, if not for all the retired people. I have no idea what the music scene is like in Darwin but SUMMIT seem hell bent on bringing their metalcore to the world. This is just an EP, a little appetizer for what to come. Whenever I listen to this kinda stuff I start to feel so bloody old. Metalcore to me is something completely different. But I gotta say that I do like what I hear on this EP. It ain’t just a bunch of angry young men trying to show of who’s got the most chest hair. There is a flow and a melodic sense to this that I like. Well worth keeping a further eye out for. Anders Ekdahl

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