SUNCROWN “Follow Your Dream”

“Follow Your Dream”
SUNCROWN is an international project with members from almost all continents of the earth. With modern technology you don’t have to be in the same place anymore to record an album. You just send files across the globe and then assemble it into a song. With no effect on the quality of the songs at all. And quality this is. I gotta admit that I have no idea who the players are. I have never heard of them before and if I have I have forgotten all about them. But when I hear this album I’m convinced that they are very capable at what they do. This is metal of the more symphonic/epic variety. If you like bands like Within Temptation or Epica or even Edenbridge you will most certainly like this too seeing as it is in that same vein. So for all those of us that love our metal a bit OTT we now got a new band to keep our eyes and ears on. Anders Ekdahl

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