Sunflower Dead – “Coma”

Sunflower Dead – “Coma” (Combat Records) 
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Crystallised in 2012 when Michael Del Pizzo (Two Hit Creeper – Vocals, Accordion, Piano), Anthony ‘Jaboo’ Amen (Two Hit Creeper – Lead Guitar) and Jamie Teissere (Droid – Guitar) had the idea of starting a new band, Sunflower Dead have returned with their 3rd album – and a new line up including Christian Olde Wolbers (Fear Factory, Poweflo) on bass and Brian “Brett” Weir (Downplay, Starset) on drums! Playing an alt rock metal style that reflects their name in being able to sooth and touch with heart rendering melodies and croons, while at the flick of a switch turn on massive power grooves along with bark blast roars, Sunflower Dead also exhibit grunge melancholy at times, while the guitar of Amen is nothing short of virtuosic, spewing neo classical solos more akin to a symphonic metal band. Equally, the top notch production from Dave Frontman (Slipknot, Evanescence) delivers nothing short of a huge, arena filling sound which complements the range of the bands Sunflower Dead have toured with from Korn to Avatar to Hell Yeah and Snot. Indeed, it is precisely this reach that attests to the wide appeal of the band, opening with a heavy rhythm on ‘Let Me In’ with its brilliant alt melodies melding superbly with grungy harmonies as Pizzo’s vocals effortless shift from melancholic soul, to rock passion and nu metal roars of ‘….see what the world f—kin made me…’ – awesome. Bringing in a weird but catchy nu metal guitar melody on ‘Victim’, Amen’s soulful guitar couldn’t be more contrasted by Wolbers heavy bass as Pizzo continues the brilliant vocal contrast of tender singing to dark beastly drawls as it all culminates superbly on the singalong chorus. Slowing it down on ‘The Biggest Mistake’, the guitars add their own touch of heavy, dirty riffs complemented by shimmering melodies as the irresistible multiple vocal styles including hardcore shout outs of ‘…f–k you…do what I told you..and be the real you…’  add more layers to the song and indeed define the thick sound of Sunflower Dead’s material across the 9 tracks here. Stripped down to reflect the back-to-basics image of the band, gone are the make up and costumes instead to be replaced by a raw, slavering beast of modern alt metal, and man, does it rock…
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