Suns of Thyme – “Cascades”


Suns of Thyme – “Cascades” (Napalm Records)

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There are certain cities in the world that magnetically draw talented musicians together – LA, New York and in Europe, Berlin. With its very alternative and bohemian past, this city’s rich music scene did the same to five talented guys from all the corners of Germany – and the Suns of Thyme were born – playing a self styled ‘Krautgaze‘, which I’d readily acknowledge listening to the diverse mix of psychedelic rock, shoegaze and heaps of indie rock. Still, don’t be expecting any DIY or garage style approach to the rich material here, but instead conscientious composition and rehearsals, not to mention a breathtaking array of sounds employed through effects pedals, synth sounds and programs. Even more surprising is that while the obvious influences of Pink Floyd and Velvet Underground are there, equally so are Joy Division and The Doors, making for a less heavy vibe, but instead a flowing ethereal sound inducing a most wondrous and joyful sensation. The 14 tracks, while maintaining this constant vibe, are all pretty different to one degree or another, so there’s plenty of variety thanks to the high quality musicianship and captivating material. This album definitely warrants an uninterrupted listen from start to finish be it through the strummed radiance culminating in shamanic bliss of ‘In Dreams Awake’ to the psych meets The Smiths melancholia of ‘Intuition Unbound‘ or the sitar tabla induced eastern beauty of ‘The Field’. Mesmerizingly brilliant, “Cascades” was such a pleasurable listen I could not tear myself away!

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