Supersuckers – “Get The Hell”


Supersuckers – “Get The Hell” (Steamhammer / SPV)

If you haven’t heard of the Supersuckers then don’t worry, cos only Lemmy, Willie Nelson, Jay Leno and the rest of the planet have – oh, and so has Elijah Wood lol! Formed by the legendary Eddie Spaghetti back in 1988, these guys play 80s punk rock n roll the way it should be having shared stages with everyone from The Ramones to the New York Dolls to Reverend Horton Heat to White Zombie – like I said, half the planet. And now they want the other half! “Get The Hell” is their first release in five years and I gotta say, for a punk record, it’s tight man. This is sorta music that used to be listened to by guys with mullets driving Camaros who were simply too busy lookin cool to care about ‘production’ – man, who gave a fuck about that as long as it rocked! But this time round they’re leaving all the technical shit to Blag Dhalia of The Dwarfs, call it age, call it pride, call it – dare I say it – professionalism. Puke maybe to punks but I never heard of no rule that sez a record shouldn’t sound good as long as the attitude is there and it still rocks. Well “Get The Hell” does – and then some, cos it may be the band’s finest hour. Songs like ‘Disaster Bastard’ and ‘Fuck Up’ say it all, from Spaghetti’s wasted drawl for a vocal to the bad mutha riffs and those swanky pure rock n roll melodies that could be a knife thru my heart man. Hell, they even chew out covers like Gary Glitter’s ‘Rock On’ and Depeche Mode’s popular ‘Never Let Me Down Again’ as if they were just closing out another low down bar in Texas. New Wave, Punk, Rock n Roll, these guys set the blueprint for many a band and songs like ‘Pushin’ Thru’ could’ve been penned by either Green Day or the Dropkick Murphys that’s how true the Supersuckers are to time itself. Get a piece of their history here.

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