Surgical Meth Machine – “Surgical Meth Machine”


Surgical Meth Machine – “Surgical Meth Machine” (Nuclear Blast Records)

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Coupla years back following the deth of his guitarist Mike Scaccia and everybody thought the world had seen the last of one of its greatest deviants – Al Jourgensen – renowned Bush basher, as well as one industrial metal’s greatest protagonists made (in)famous by the likes of 1,000 Homo DJs, Revolting Cocks, and of course, his greatest monster, Ministry. After Scaccia’s passing however, and fast approaching pensionable age, the Republican Party must’ve breathed a sigh of relief that this prince of perversion was at last retiring. Hell, he even moved from fast draw Texas to the more laid back climate of California, and even got himself a medical marijuana card! Well, that’s what it seemed. Now anyone, anyone, knows that a rattlesnake will always be that, mean n nasty with absolutely nuthin’ in between. Now meaner by age and mental by herb, Surgical Meth Machine is Jourgensen’s latest onslaught along with engineer Sam D’Ambruoso. Word has it that Al’s original vision was for a faster version (!) – all I can say is that must’ve been when he was whacked out, cos this is probably his most aggressive – both audibly and tone wise – release ever. With plenty left to hate in the world, Jourgensen pours his scorn over hard to miss things like Facebook on abrasive opener ‘I’m sensitive’ and rich people naturally on ‘Rich People Problems’, not to mention endlessly taking the piss out of everyone and everything – not even Iron Maiden are sacred on ‘Unlistenable’ – completed with the usual range of samples and rants supplied by Jourgensen and Sammy. Well, that’s the first two thirds of the album, a relentless brutal assault bar none, but the ending is even weirder, made up of dub tracks like ‘Just Keep Going’ and the Vegas lounge trip closer ‘I’m Invisible’ – reflecting the switch from meth to MDA, whether in abstract or literal terms. Either way you know that Al Jourgensen is far from dead.

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