SUTURE “Skeletal Vortex”

“Skeletal Vortex”
(Soulflesh Collector)
This is a re-recorded version of the “Skeletal Vortex” album from 2005. Gotta say that I totally missed out on it back then which makes it new and fresh to my ears today. Suture are death metal. This is what I like to call typical American death metal. It blast like there is no tomorrow. You can really feel the chaos that the forth-coming Armageddon will bring with it just from listening to this. Suture totally fit in with all the stuff that labels like Sevared Records and its likes release. This is death metal from the very depths of the underground. If you think stuff like Dark Tranquillity and In Flames are too hard then you should stay well clear of this. If you feel that those bands are too weak for your ears then this is the stuff you’ll go ape over. I know I do. Anders Ekdahl

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