SVARTANATT ”Starry Eagle Eye”

”Starry Eagle Eye”
(The Sign Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Swedish retro rock is a huge fave of mine. Well, retro rock period has a very warm place in my heart. I have been aware of SVARTANATT for some time now so it with some pleasure that I get to review this album. I know that the 70s is being heralded with very little constructive criticism today but for most part it is well deserved accolade. Sure, there were crap bands back then too, but the vibe was so much cooler. It was a much more innocent time. So it is no surprise that more and more bands look to the era for inspiration. SVARTANATT has a very distinct 70s vibe going. And they do it remarkably well. This is some really cool stuff. If you know anything about Sweden and the 70s you will find loads of cool hints to that era in this. And if you don’t you’ll just get a really cool album. Anders Ekdahl

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