Svartsot – “Maledictus Eris”

“Maledictus Eris”
(Napalm Records)

Svartsot are a jolly buncha Danes who make merry with their lighthearted brand of folk metal. I thoroughly enjoyed their last opus “Mulmets Viser” but sadly the more miserable metallers out there didn’t so on this latest album, Svartsot journey back to a 14th century Denmark ravished by the plague! Gutteral growling vocals, harsh driving rhythms amidst folk melodies either by the clean guitars or by flutes produce a strong medieval theme on songs like ‘Dødedansen’, ‘Den Forgængelige Tro’ and ‘Den Nidske Gud’ and if the cover art by Gyula Havancsák (Tyr, Grave Digger) isn’t a bit of a giveaway, they seem to be steering their ship closer to that of label mates Alestorm, who also formed around the same time. Despite that, I think that Svartsot have a lot to offer, and if “Maledictus Eris” broadens their horizons farther, then it should silence the critics.

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