SVARTSTORM ” Иллюзия Выбора (Illusion Of Choice)”

” Иллюзия Выбора (Illusion Of Choice)”
(Requiem Distribution)

Battle Helm Rating

I kinda expected this to be another Russian black metal act but it turned out to be so much more than that. I’ve been listening to this at work and I am super impressed by what this band offers up. It is symphonic, melodic and very modern sounding. I find myself wanting this is my CD collection displayed right in front of everything else. This is the album that has impressed me the most this year. Even that they sing in Russian is a bonus. It adds to that rural feel you have of Russia. The grim, grey hard working people that take no shit from anybody. This is an album that is worth tracking down for all the right reasons. I simply love this. I am thankful that it came my way even as a digital download. Anders Ekdahl

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