SVARTSYN “Black Testament”

“Black Testament”
I’ve been following SVARTSYN for a while now and even though I missed out on the sixth album up until then I had been following their progress. Not that I think it will make that much of a difference. This will most probably be black metal in a very basic and “down to earth” way. This is black metal as I picture black metal to be in its purest form. No grand symphonic arrangements or female sopranos. Just guitar, bass and drums. And a rather repetitive drive to the music. Pure and simple in all its glory. What more can you expect? This is black metal that has no ulterior motive but to corrupt your soul and bring you into total damnation. This is black metal that will leave you feeling drained of your soul. This is black metal, period. And it is so glorious. Anders Ekdahl

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