Svolk – “Nights Under The Round Table”

Svolk – “Nights Under The Round Table” (Napalm Records)

Plenty of tongue in cheek with the Svolksters! I actually thought the name was an amalgamation of ‘Swedish’ and ‘Folk’ but these farm boys tell me it actually means kicking the crap outta someone – nice (and they’re from bloody Norway – Ed)! If that wasn’t enough then they call their style bear metal. WTF?! But listening to the likes of ‘Break My Bones’, ‘Fallen’ and the witty ‘To Conquer Death And You Only Have To Die’ it’s actually somewhat anticlimactic given I was expecting some backwoods metal like Scissorfight, but this turned out more to be like Down albeit with an even more stoner groove especially on their lighter material and Knut Erik’s clean, high end vocals. It’s hard to tell whether Svolk are one of those piss take bands or just bored with the bullshit but their music is certainly played well enough with hillbilly fire so I’m prepared to give them a chance to Svolk ’em all!

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