SWITCHBLADE “Heavy Weapons”

”Heavy Weapons”
(Killer Metal)
It is not often that I get in touch with a metal band from Israel. The ones I’ve come upon so far have all been cool. I’m not too sure that this will be up my alley from reading the press release but as we all know it is not what is written on paper that speaks volumes. It is what pours out of the speakers that matters. And this has a NWOBHM feel to it that kinda surprised me. To be honest I expected this to be more US like Skidrow or perhaps Malice. But instead this turned out to be a really nice surprise. I get a kind of Wolf feeling listening to this. It is old school in sound but not in that kind of comic OTT way it could have ended up had it been done with less passion. Cool. Anders Ekdahl

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