“Nocturnal Guest”
Switchblade Rosie sound like it could be an AC/DC cover band or a sleaze band from LA circa 1986. And I wouldn’t mind if it was either of the two. But the truth is something completely different. When I see jazz mentioned in connection with metal I get a sense that it could end up an even stranger Dillinger Escape Plan. I did not have to fear that with Switchblade Rosie. This is nowhere near as strange to decipher as I feared. It is in fact quite easy to understand. There is a progressive metal side to this that makes it enjoyable and frankly really good. Don’t know if it will appeal to Tool fans but I can see fans of Opeth going for this too. Or if your ears are tired from listening to Meshuggah all day long. Then you can rest them listening to this. Anders Ekdahl

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