Sworn Amongst – “Scourge Of The Omnipotent”

Sworn Amongst – “Scourge Of The Omnipotent” EP (SA Records)

This UK aggro metal crew came to everyone’s attention when they came close to winning the 2005 Kerrang! Unsigned competition. Since then it’s been on the up and up for Sworn Amongst having played at Download, then Bloodstock and higher-up-the-bill shows at European festivals. With two albums already under their belts, now comes this EP which continues in the same style: hoarse vocals, chugging Metalli power riffs and thunderous dervish rhythms that certainly owe more than a nod to Pantera and Machine Head on songs like ‘Ruins Of Our Own Construction’, ‘Through The Eyes Of the Decimated’ and ‘The Ash Of Your Demise’. Whilst not being up there with their thrash gods, Sworn Amongst have still come a long way in their song writing which does well to take the best of thrash / metal and lay into you without pulling any punches, hence why they’re a much sought after live act. Definitely not pretty, Sworn Amongst are guaranteed if you’re looking for mayhem in the moshpit!

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