Sworn Amongst – “Under A Titan Sky”


Sworn Amongst – “Under A Titan Sky” (Concept Sweden Records)

Quite possibly the most abrasive album I’ve heard this year – hoarse, aggro metal packing such a wallop it could turn the heads of thrashers and the hardcore alike! This wrecking crew have been stomping and snarling their way across 150 venues in 15 countries, undertaking monster 105 date tours across Europe to playing prestigious festivals like Bloodstock and Hammerfest as well as Spain’s Thrash Em All Festival and Germany’s Wurzburg Metalfest. Since forming in 2003, having won the KERRANG! Unsigned competition, Sworn Amongst have released 3 full length albums and a number of EPs, although its their fearsome live reputation that has established the band having supported the likes of Anthrax, Sepultura, Meshuggah, Skindred, Evile and Sylosis! “Under A Titan Sky” draws from their many experiences on the road that whilst evolving, see’s them forging ahead with their brutal approach. From Sy James’s shredded larynx vocals, its the deep, heavy riffing from Jonny Barker and James Cooper that kicks you balls deep with their driving furor and chundering groove, skillfully working off one another to deliver sonic solos, as well as classy, malevolent melodies! With Jonny Harper’s propelling precision double bass drum work providing a meaty backbone, Sworn Amongst definitely have what it takes to stand their ground in the international mosh pits with songs like ‘Torn Asunder’, ‘Through The Eyes Of The Decimated’ and the djent mind bending instrumental of ‘Laments’, where the band get to showcase their technical prowess especially with some virtuoso soloing. With the 10 tracks all having a seething undercurrent of violence made all the more so by aggressive shout outs, “Under A Titan Sky” is definitely one of the most menacing releases you could buy this year, completed by its totally in your face live sound production to boot!

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