Sworn In – “The Lovers/ The Devil”


Sworn In – “The Lovers/ The Devil” (Razor and Tie)

Emo screamo from Chicago. Looking like some teen cadre from a post apocalyptic movie where guys wear more make up than gals, Sworn In do not appear to have rid themselves of those pesky adolescent hormones that make college kids do strange things – and wanna fuck shit up. Anyone with any doubts should check out the self destructive love concept of this album where the first six or so tracks focus on a male lover’s obsessive, romantic, jealous feelings which only to be met by his female partner’s cold, unresponsive character. His character then reaches breaking point. In the second half of the album a role reversal takes place where the guy becomes the cold, numb person, while the female occupies the position the male just went through. Uh, ok. Why anyone would want to write about issues that therapists are normally paid to work out is beyond me but it deffo looks like a case of damaged goods – five in all – from Tyler Dennen’s tormented, disturbed screamo, to the cacophonous nu metal guitars of Zakary Gibson and Eugene Kamlyuk that also scream, wail and occasionally favor some heavy djent style riffs Meshuggah style. Chris George on drums and bassist Derek Bolman are to be commended on actually maintaining a beat throughout this disturbing aural journey, made all the worse by a liberal use of funky rhythms, electronics and scratch beats – in between tranquil pieces and even tender vocal harmonies! Despite the harsh discord coming across on individual tracks like ‘Weeping Willow’, ‘I Don’t Really Love You’ and ‘Pocket Full Of Posies’ I have to say that overall this sophomore brilliantly conveys through its music the deep tearing emotions and conflicting states of mind of the two personalities portrayed in a very convincing way to anyone listening. If this is what Sworn In are all about then from an artistic perspective they have achieved their goal commendably. Definitely not for potential suicide cases, self abusers, depressives or burn outs, don’t let mom or dad catch you listening to this lest they send you to therapy. There’s a lot going on here. Just don’t try and work it out….

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