Sylosis – “Dormant Heart”


Sylosis – “Dormant Heart” (Nuclear Blast)

If Metallica had formed in Reading then Sylosis would be their name! Hailing from the city that spawned the Reading Festival, Sylosis are one of the most happening British bands right now. In seven years they’ve released an astonishing four studio albums, a live release and two EPs, along with a live reputation to match! With the hoarse, throat strained vocals of Josh Middleton providing the carrion call to songs like ‘Leach’, ‘Where The Wolves Come To Die’ and ‘Mercy’, its his monster guitar along with Alex Bailey’s that pumps out heavy driving riffs that chunder and shake, sounding like Carcass in their wake and when even more scything, like the mighty Metallica themselves during their garage days. Laced tastefully across the top come some equally exquisite guitar melodies that offer brilliant contrast in their cold embrace whilst elsewhere, complement the high tempo of the material with their own matching ferocity! With Carl Parnell and Ali Richardson providing an excellent rearguard, Sylosis’s ultra tight musicianship is what enables this savage beast of a band to be also one graced by superior suaveness in providing a superb atmosphere on the 12 tracks herein. Based on the lyrical theme of challenging society’s herd mentality, “Dormant Heart” is an intense album, immediately grabbing you from the moment you hear it with its dark tranquility and successfully transfixing you throughout, awakening you from mental slumber to a new world beginning.

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