SYLVATICA “Mosemanden”

Living only twenty minutes from Denmark with a ferry I’ve always had a special relationship to the Danish metal scene. Who doesn’t remember bands like Witch Cross, Evil or Mercyful Fate? Sure, they are all old so what has the new Danish metal scene to offer up. Sylvatica for example. I kinda came to expect a goth metal band but I’m not sure what I got. At first I thought this was going to be a full on black metal explosion but that turned out to be totally wrong. The goth metal band that I expected I found nowhere. This has a much more thrash feel to it while not being thrash at all. OK. So they seem to mix a lot of different styles. Does that make it bad? No. Not even the fact that they don’t seem to be too keen on vocals either makes this bad. I’m not gonna go as far as saying that I like instrumental music. Once the vocals do arrive it just adds to my impression of them mixing different styles of metal. All in all I got an image of this being like a mix between Vintersorg and Borknagar with a harder edge. Anders Ekdahl

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