SYMBOLIZER “Thanatos Unleashed”

“Thanatos Unleashed”
One of my greatest thrash metal experiences is Danish. The joy of finding Artillery’s “Fear Of Tomorrow” and “Terror Squad” in my local record store in the 80s was like Christmas come early. To this day these two albums are my all time favourite thrash metal albums. So whenever I receive a thrash metal record from Denmark Artillery will be me subconsciously. The tie between Symbolizer and Artillery is that they are both Danish. Were Artillery was raw and rough Symbolizer has taken a huge page from the book of Megadeth. While not being as technical as early Megadeth there’s the same feel for melodies and hooks of latter day Megadeth. You don’t get to hear this sort of thrash metal too much anymore. When it does show it face it’s a welcomed break from all the chugging guitars usually found in thrash. Megadeth used to be huge in my book. If Symbolizer can utilize a bit of that potential they’ll have a bright future ahead. Anders Ekdahl

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