SYMPHONY OF SYMBOLS “Historiocriticism”

(Metal Scrap Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This the new album from Hungarian SYMPHONY OF SYMBOLS. I reviewed them back in 2012 and I liked what I heard back then. And I still like what I hear. I still hear the heaviness of Morbid Angel in their sound but now I also hear the more blast beat-ified sounds of Suffocation or Cannibal Corpse. This is in other words some seriously brutal death metal. As always with this kind of death metal it all comes down to how low tuned the guitars are. Are they so low and dirty that your guts start to shrink or are they just enough to make you guts run and hide? On this I gotta say that they are just enough low for my guts to start worrying. This turned out to be just as enjoyable as their previous album. Anders Ekdahl

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