SYMPHONY OF SYMBOLS “Stupefying Beliefs”

“Stupefying Beliefs”
(Metal Scrap Records)
I don’t usually judge a band by its name but when I saw this band’s name I got the feeling that this might be some sort of symphonic black metal or death metal on the more progressive side of things. I’m still out on where I want to place this band. And while they are in way totally original there’s a side to their slow and heavy music that signals that there’s something more going on than the ordinary. I can’t help get a Nocturnus/Morbid Angel feeling listening to this. Two bands that in all their own glory are heavy in a way that doesn’t bore the hell out of me. I get the same kind of feeling listening to this. Slow doesn’t necessary mean boring. There is enough going on here to keep it interesting. Anders Ekdahl

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