SYMURAN “Syklus Av Helheim”

“Syklus Av Helheim”
(Metal Scrap)
There used to be a Czech black metal band that sang entirely in Norwegian. They weren’t the most elaborate musical entity but they at least scored points for trying. Ukrainian Symuran might get some points for having an album title that is reminiscent of Norwegian but I couldn’t really care any way. All I want is some masterly metal. If they call it folk, pagan, heathen, Viking or whatever I don’t really care about. As long as it is good they can call it whatever they like. That I got images of Dödheimsgard flashing through my head to begin with didn’t bode well for the continuation but that soon changed to flashes of a brutal death metal band. No pagan or heathen metal here, no sir. This is death metal and nothing but death metal. And it is damn good too. My disappointment at this not being pagan or heathen soon changed into a positive feeling of this being one hell of a death metal album. Anders Ekdahl

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