SYN – ZE –SASE-TRI “Sub Semnul Lupului”

“Sub Semnul Lupului”
It is not enough to just be weird if you want to stand out. You actually got to have something to show for too if you don’t want to end up just a joke, or at worst trash on the floor. Syn-Ze-Sase-Tri might have one of the weirdest names I’ve seen in a long time but that shouldn’t be the end of it all. Musically this isn’t weird in any way. This is black metal, although with a twist but still fully comprehensible without any deeper dissecting. Symphonic in all its glory this Romanian band proves that even from the darkest holes of Europe something shiny can come. If you fancied Emperor in their grandeur then this will be right up your alley. Perhaps a bit more controlled than for example “Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk” but still closely related this album by Syn-Ze-Sase-Tri might very well end up a new favourite amongst those of us that fancy symphonic, chaotic black metal. Anders Ekdahl

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