Synapses – “Expiation”

Synapses – “Expiation” (Deepsend Records)

Hail the Cannibale, new drummer of Italian metal band Synapses. I have no idea what these guys sounded like in their previous band (Underhate) but today they play mid 90s technical death metal par excellence! Songs like ‘Tower Of Flesh’, ‘Rapture of Terror’ and ‘No Ruins Left Behind’ remind me of early Nile, with dervish riffs and exotic guitar warblings, all driven of course, by frictionless technical hyper speed drumming. What really impresses me is that this just isn’t another OTT assault, but a controlled series of strikes with varying tempos and intelligent arrangements, making for a combination of brutal yet interesting songs that allow the technical musicianship to be fully appreciated. All in all an excellent debut that could see these guys could go far indeed – just remember not to lose the cannibale!

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