SYRENCE “Freedom In Fire”

“Freedom In Fire”
(Fastball Music)

Battle Helm Rating

It might just be me because I am Swedish that I came to think of a flower the first time I saw this band’s name. I don’t think that there is too much flowers about this German heavy metal band, not that flowers cannot be used in metal. But they do not look like the kind of band that has flowers and stuff on stage. Melodic heavy metal is so much better than any pop music will ever be. I don’t have to listen to some weak ass music to get a dose of melodies. I just have to put this one on. if you are totally against melodies in metal, this is the one to stay away from. If you like me don’t mind singing along in the shower, just keep listening. This one is the sort of album that puts a smile on your face. It is hard to not feel good when you hear this. Anders Ekdahl

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