(Discouraged Records)
If you mix hardcore and death metal does that make it deathcore? This Swedish band hails from the hardcore Mekka that is Umeå. I have nothing against youth. The fact that none of the band members are older than 20 doesn’t really say anything about the music. I’ve heard old farts playing the most boring music ever so age doesn’t always have to be a good thing. I get the hardcore side of things from this band. That I also got a slight Meshuggah feeling in the first track didn’t make matters worse. All in all I’d say that this is death metal on the more technical side of things. You need not worry. The band won’t dribble so that you’ll get lost in their technical skills. You just have to be prepared to be taken on a journey that might not be too straight. A very positive acquaintance. Anders Ekdahl

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