T.C.F. – “Where Madness Reigns”

T.C.F. – “Where Madness Reigns” (PRC / Malevolence Records)

It’s been a while since I’ve heard a crossover album this good – especially one that harks back to the good old days of the 80s when bands like SOD, DRI, Carnivore and Nuclear Assault reigned! T.C.F. actually hail from Holland but true Dutchies they are, do their tribute in fine style with just the right blend of hardcore and metal to knuckle you on songs like ‘An Eye For An Eye’, ‘We Will Survive’ and ‘Slave Of The Suit’. Aggro vocals are shouted out amid speedy thrashcore riffs, wild soloing and frenetic staccato drumming, all of which remain true to the original style, and what’s more is that it’s all done by just three guys (a metalhead, punk and thrasher no less lol) and so well an’ all. Complete with disco samples and a Mugabe speech, “Where Madness Reigns” is the best contemporary tribute to old school crossover currently whether you wanna fight, fuck or just go plain mental to it!

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