T.I.R. “Heavy Metal”

“Heavy Metal”
(Jolly Roger Records)
When you’ve been going for a long time and I haven’t heard of you it hasn’t been through lack of me trying but because you’ve been mostly a regional/national secret. T.I.R might sound familiar by name but I am 99% certain that I’ve never ever heard a single note of their music. And with an album named “Heavy Metal” you just gotta love the band. Or? The album started promising. It was full speed at a pretty high level. I got that same feeling listening to TIR that I got the first time I heard Japanese heavy metal, or Spanish heavy metal for that matter. This sounds familiar but still strange. That’s because they sing in their native tongue. Italian doesn’t sound too bad when used in heavy metal. It only adds to the exoticism of it all. That the music is good just adds to the overall impression of this being excellent. Something for all of us that think heavy metal is the greatest ever. If more albums like this came my way I’d an even happier metalhead than I am already am. Anders Ekdahl

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