TABERAH ”Sinner’s Lament”

”Sinner’s Lament”
(Killer Metal Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Back in 2012 I reviewed TABERAH’s “Necromancer”. Then I lost touch with them. Now 5 years later I sit here with a new TABERAH album and wonder why the hell I didn’t keep in touch with them. This Aussie band is one hell of a metal act. The metal they play has the bite that I look for. There is a very nice mix of classic heavy metal and second wave bay area thrash. For some reason it makes me think of the band Defiance. It could just be my fucked up mind playing a trick or two on me but that is what this triggers in me. What really sets this apart is the dramatic touch. It is almost like you get all sorts of metal brewed together as one. I usually don’t like if you mix too much into one song but as I get older I tend to appreciate it more and more. Don’t know if it has to do with a shorter attention span or what. What I do know is that this is a really strong and cool meal album. Anders Ekdahl

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