Tad Morose – “Chapter X”

Tad Morose – “Chapter X” (GMR Music) 

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A festival mainstay during the 90s, Tad Morose dropped off the scene (although never forgotten by their fans) largely due to personnel changes, leaving today only founder guitarist Christer Andersson from the original line up. Along the way, this Swedish band have had some famous vocalists like Urban Breed and Joe Comeau (Liege Lord) but current singer Ronny Hemlin (Steel Attack) certainly does the job on the 14 tracks here, which is just as well given the huge contrasts this band offer between their progressive tranquillity and powering metal mayhem! Following the release of “St. Demonius” in 2015, the next 2 years were spent touring before being holed up in the studio to pen this truly gargantuan album. Judging by the material here, I’d say it commendably returns the band to their glory days thanks to excellent compositions and not in the least, stupendous performances by the guys themselves, whose tightness has to be heard to be believed. Truly resonating incredible power and energy thanks to the massive sound production, all the instruments along with Hemlin are firing on all cylinders and all I can is that these heavy but catchy songs will utterly kill live! From the blitzing ‘Deprived Of Light’ with its power metal chugging of twin guitars and drums, Hemlin soars majestically as the massive melodies capture your heart while axes shred and wail before blinding neo classical and heavy metal solos rip into your headbanging soul in exalted passion. Even faster is ‘Turn To Dust’ and you certainly do as the twin riffing powered by the thundering drums takes this song off like a rocket, with its energy burning throughout accompanied by Hemlin’s screams and roars adding both melody and machismo to this unrelenting number accompanied by contrasting wild and fluid speed metal solos – awesome! Slightly slower but even more epic is ‘Nemesis’ with its dark riffs and double bass drumming along with masses of cymbals as well as Hemlin’s operatic wails and crescendo screams on what is a seriously loud track – made all the more dramatic with a tranquil interlude and harmony vocals in the background – wow!! With enough energy to fuel a power station, Tad Morose return pumped with an amazing album that does everything their melancholic name doesn’t suggest. 

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