Tad Morose – “Revenant” (Despotz)

Tad Morose

The return of the kings! Back in the early 90s, these Swedes were massive, seen as the next big thing with their mixture of heavy n prog melody such that many saw them as Metallica meets Dream Theater. Despite this, there were numerous line up changes although the band managed to survive thru thick n thin. Even when the steam was running out by 2003 they managed to release a respectable album in “Modus Vivendi”. Thereafter began the sleep of the decade. With only founder guitarist Christer ‘Krunt’ Andersson left and drummer Peter Morén from the original line-up, Tad Morose is now made up of ex Steel Attack vocalist Ronny Hemlin and bassist Tommi Karppanen (God Awful Machine, Sefer Jezirah, ex Morgana Lefay). The recent addition of ex Torch Kenneth Jonsson completes the line up that is responsible for “Revenant”- and it doesn’t pull any punches! The overall sound remains – that of metal meets melody – but this really is molten, more like Priest with a hint of Dream Theatre in the melodies and vocal harmonies. It may not be a replica of the old days but who cares – maybe that’s what got the band down eventually. That aside, “Revenant” is a full on metal attack and very much in the vein of Nevermore and Iced Earth with twin chundering guitars and a piston driving rhythm with Morén seemingly pummeling everything in sight when he’s not stamping his drum pedals. Hemlin’s vocal is nothing short of Halford standard. Bringing both soulful ecstasy and awe inspiring savagery to songs like ‘Millennium Lie’, ‘Babylon’ and ‘Dance Of The Damned’, Tad Morose are back for the new age – and with no apologies for the past just like nothing’s happened ha ha!

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